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If you want to burn belly fat, then you must restrain from eating processed foods like candy, beverages such as soft drinks, potato chips, most fast food, sugary cereals and canned foods.

They’re all junk food which is very bad for your body.

When you want to buy your foods from any store or from the market, make sure you read the ingredients on the label before buying the product because most times the ingredients used to make those products are fatty.

You can always bake your bread at home or buy from a local bakery.

When choosing foods like rice, cereals, pastas, always go for the whole grain option.

Another thing is buying your foods from the local farmer’s market.

Some of the natural foods I opted for after forsaking the junk foods are:

Fruits, vegetables, Dairy products like egg and cheese, unsweetened yogurt and skinned milk, wheat, naturally sweetened tea and coffee, seafood etc.


If you think jumping or jogging from street to another is the solution to burning belly fat then you’ve got it all wrong.

Let me tell you a secret, everybody has his or her own abs but we don’t know that because it has been disguised as fat.

All you need to do is burn those fat with the right work outs.

Most people think weightlifting especially for women will only make you muscular but I can tell you that is not true.

In fact weight lifting helps to burn belly fat faster and will also help to build your metabolism. Check out this website for further details

Some other work outs for loosing belly fats are; Squat, deadlifts, sit ups, rows and presses but then they must be done carefully and at the right time and pace so you won’t get injured.


You can’t pour two table spoons of sugar into your coffee every day and expect that you’ll lose your belly fat.

I’m not telling you to stop taking sugar or sugary products overnight but if you’re very much interested in burning those fats, you really have to reduce your sugar intake.

You can substitute it with naturally sweet fruits like orange, pineapple etc.

Sugar is divided into glucose and Fructose.

They’re both good for the body but when it is too much, it does more harm than good especially glucose.

Most starchy foods convert to glucose and they’re mostly carbohydrate.

Examples of starchy foods are Bread, Rice, Potatoes, Pasta and Cereal; these are few of the foods that convert to glucose after consumption.

Most foods that convert to fructose are fruits which are better than glucose.

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