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If you keep working out yet you consume foods that are very high in carbohydrate then you won’t see the effects of your work outs.

Reduce your carbohydrate which is usually high in calorie, then you increase your chances of burning your stubborn belly fats.


Most times when we’re trying to burn fat, we reduce our carbohydrate intake which is very good but many people also think that reducing their protein intake too will help with losing belly fat but that is not true.

Protein is the best thing to consume during this period, though the main point of melting belly fat is reducing calories which of course are in protein but the calories in protein is exactly what you need in burning belly fat.


Most people trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat thinks consuming alcohol especially vodka and spirits is the best way to melt it.

The alcohol is stored in your body as fat and does more harm to you than good.

Apart the fact that it multiplies your belly fats, it can also cause kidney failure, liver failure and failure of other vital organs in your body.


Sodium doesn’t make you have belly fat but too much of it can make you retain more water than necessary in your body and can also make you feel bloated thereby making your tummy look bigger, you know why? There’s too much gas in your tummy.

Sodium can also make you hypertensive because it increases your blood pressure.

Some other foods that are very high in sodium includes breads, canned foods, cheeses, cereals, processed meats, sauces and packaged foods.


Most times when you don’t sleep, you are paving way for more belly fat because you eat more.

So far, sleep has also been proven to make you less hungry, decrease daytime stress levels, and increase the body’s ability to burn calories and actually increase muscle mass.


I have seen several people give up on losing belly fat all because they think the changes are going to happen overnight.

Losing belly fat takes a little bit of time and consistency, isn’t that why it is called ‘stubborn belly fat’.

The changes start from your neck before it comes down to your belly that’s why it takes time for you to see the changes.


There is no magic pill to loosing belly fat. I am sorry. It takes time and consistency. If you make the changes I have mentioned above and try them every day, you’ll be amazed at the outcome of your efforts, patience and consistency.

No one said it’s going to be easy but it’s worth the effort.

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